New website, a residency, and a Bob Evans tour!


Hey gang! I hope you like my new website. If you find it hideous and clunky, it’s probably because I built it ALL BY MYSELF! So back off!
True, I purchased the wordpress theme, so in actual fact, I just customised it ALL BY MYSELF. Still impressive. If you ask my Mum. My last website may have looked cool on your computer, but it didn’t work on phones very well, as it was built in flash. So I had to scrap it. Enjoy the functionality of this here website. I enjoy not having to enter everything in frigging html. I LOVE LIFE ON THIS WEBSITE.

Have a dig around, I’ve uploaded photos and videos and music and interviews. I’ll put lyrics up when I get around to it.


In other news, I am halfway through my Tuesday night solo residency at The Spotted Mallard in Brunswick. It’s free entry, they have good food, I have excellent supports and I want you to come, goddamnit. This week I’m supported by my lovely guitarist, Ben Mason, who has been very busy releasing 2 albums at once and running Rebound Books with his lovely wife in lovely town. Come see us play.


I’m ALSO taking off on the 1st leg of a regional tour of Victoria this week with Bob Evans! I toured with Bob (a.k.a Kev) back in 2006 and am really looking forward to hanging out with him again, having some good chinwags, and singing to new faces in new places I haven’t visited before. Come say hi.
This is how we looked in 2006…
Probably in WA

You can check out the dates of the tour (Aug/Sept) on my fancy new GIGS page! GO NUTS!


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Love, Laura x