New Web Series in planning!

Hey! I have been reasonably quiet of late as I have been plotting my next creative endeavor.

I’m not feeling particularly inspired to write new songs at the moment, but I want to stay creative. I have another creative idea I wanna focus on instead. It’s a web series. 20-30 min episodes.

An arts and culture show made with love by people who are part of the arts and culture scene.
It would cover music, art, comedy, theatre, writing and all the things that interest me.

This is a labour of love. I have had many talented friends put their hands up to be involved but there are still other roles requiring filling.
I STRESS THERE IS NO CASH to be made by anyone at this stage, but everyone gets to make something great that documents and acknowledges the scene which we are a part of. It’s a sad day when you start mourning the loss of “Hey Hey It’s Saturday!”. I want a variety show, and a good one. We have none.

This isn’t an Amanda Palmer thing where I ask for free labour even though I’m getting paid. I’ll be working 4 days/week on it for free, putting any money I have available into it where needed, and then uploading it to the internet. If some tv channel wants to pick it up and I end up with some ca$h, then I will share it or employ you (if you’re good). Mainly I just think it will be fun and inspiring, which is why I’m doing it.

If you have actual skills/experience in filming, recording, editing, gaffer stuff….ANYTHING  that will be of use and you are interested in being involved, please email me at with your skills, gear and availability over Dec-Feb.


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