Other goodies

All of my stuff is available digitally on bandcamp and itunes. If you dig it, please pay for it so I can afford to one day record more songs. If you REALLY like it, you can even buy actual physical cds and vinyl from the “BUY MUSIC” page! It’s worth considering, cos “What a treat” comes with a 16 piece jigsaw puzzle and “The Lighter Side Of…” comes with a mini comic book.

Other things you can buy:


Laura as “Spy Vs Spy”

ON SALE $15, buy here!


Love Song Dedications. Like this:

Love Song Dedications are a lotta fun. You can choose a song and I will sing it for you. They make a good present for yourself or a loved one or even an enemy. However, they take me a lot of time and emotional/spiritual energy to create. Please be patient when placing your order or let me know if it is needed by a specific date. If you want me to perform a song that is unlikely to come in karaoke format, or is really obscure or in a foreign tongue, please consider one of the higher price brackets cos it takes time to learn songs I don’t know!

Love Song Dedication


Love Song Dedication Instructions

(i.e. Artist, Song, Who am I dedicating it to? Is it for you? Is it private or can it put it on youtube, facebook? Do you need it by a specific date?)