Laura Imbruglia has achieved a lot in a decade. After bursting on the scene in 2003 as a quirky little folk-pop kid, she surprised everyone when she casually mastered throat-tearing punk on “Looking For A Rabbit” (from 2006’s Self-Titled” album). That single and accompanying award-winning video attracted attention overseas as well as at home. In addition to extensive Australian tours with The Eels, Josh Pyke, Bob Evans and Tegan & Sara, Laura found herself invited to tour Europe twice, taking in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and the UK.

In 2010, she released “The Lighter Side Of…” (produced by Nick Huggins), which showcased considerable growth as a lyricist and writer. Dark country single “When It All Falls Apart” featured a blazing solo by You Am I’s Davey Lane, pop nugget “Pauly” featured heavily on ABC2’s “I Rock” series, and the DIY music video for “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” was awarded Rage’s “Indie Clip of the Week”.

In late 2010, Laura relocated to Melbourne and quickly made friends with the locals, hosting the beloved “You’re Lookin’ At Country” gender bender revue, “Let’s Get Trivical!” music trivia, a slew of her own shows, and of course writing songs. This relentless hard work was rewarded courtesy of a recording and promotion grant from Arts Victoria in 2012, which helped fund the recording of her third album “What a Treat” (produced by Simon Grounds- Teeth and Tongue, Laura Jean).

“What A Treat” (which comes packaged with a fan-funded jigsaw puzzle!) heralds the expansion of Laura’s sound from 3-piece to 5-piece band, introducing lead guitar and pedal steel to flesh out her arrangements.
Laura’s band, comprised of Melbourne’s finest musicians – Adam Donovan (Augie March), Dave Rose (The Zebras), James Trewenack (Split Seconds) and Chris Baker (Anthony Atkinson & The Running Mates), switch effortlessly from psych-rock to power pop to country, helping to reinforce Laura’s reputation as a versatile, ever-changing musical enigma.

Lyrically, the songs are about unrequited love, poor decisions and the shame associated with finding oneself in recurring bad life patterns. Imbruglia’s insights are harsh and often darkly humorous. Special guest musicians include Laura Jean, Ben Salter (The Gin Club), Seja Vogel (ex-Regurgitator), Fraser A. Gorman, Bob Harrow and Peter Lubulwa (Immigrant Union).

Ten years into her career, Laura has matured into a writer worthy of attention. “What A Treat” combines the punkier moments of “Self-Titled” (2006) and the dark country of “The Lighter Side Of…” (2010), with unabashed widescreen pop, resulting in her most accomplished album to date.

“What A Treat” (rel. June 7, 2013 thru Ready Freddie Records/MGM)
Voted #17 in the Mess+Noise Readers’ Top 50 Albums of 2013

Singles –
“Why’d You Have To Kiss Me So Hard?”
Awoooh!” and
Straight To The Bar

“A jackpot of wordplay-studded hijinks” – Mess + Noise

“What A Treat serves to illustrate Imbruglia’s formidable talents as a lyricist. The album offers meditations on lust, shame and bitterness, each made irresistible thanks to Imbruglia’s razor-sharp wit” – Beat Magazine

“A fantastic lyricist…a songwriter and performer of rare honesty and decorum” – Time Off Magazine

“This may well take her to a new place and audience, which she’s always well deserved” – Drum Media

Interview – The Orange Press

“I’m big on masochism and self flagellation. They’re probably my worst traits.”

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Interview – Time Off/Inpress

“When I started out I used to only write humorous songs, I think it was just a defence mechanism because I was worried that I wasn’t a good writer or that people would get bored, so I was constantly cracking jokes to keep people entertained. Now it’s my way of giving people relief from the relentlessly depressing nature of the songs’ subject matter – it’s for my own benefit as well as the audience’s. It’s just me saying, ‘Find something funny in this situation, because there must be something amusing about this’. I love The Magnetic Fields and Morrissey and writers like that, who manage to inject a bit of humour into grim subject matter.”

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Interview – Beat Magazine

“I put a thing on Twitter saying, ‘In desperate need of cash: will perform sexual favours for cash. By sexual favours I mean I will sing Let’s Get It On to you via Skype.’ I was just joking and then I thought – Maybe I can actually earn money doing that? I created a Bandcamp product and set a fee for filming myself singing songs for people with a personal dedication. I just put it online to see if anyone would buy them and they sold out really quickly.”

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Interview – Spook Magazine

“I grew up on the Central Coast of NSW. I was a weird kid and the coast is a pretty xenophobic place. I moved to Sydney straight out of school and worked for seven years in a heavy metal record shop (with Ray from The Hard-Ons as my mentor—he would later go on to star in my web show!)”

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Photography by Warwick Baker.
Styling by Tessa Leigh Wolffenbuttel Pitt

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Photography by Warwick Baker. Styling by Tessa Leigh Wolffenbuttel Pitt.

Photography by Warwick Baker.
Styling by Tessa Leigh Wolffenbuttel Pitt.

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